HuntStand has taken scouting and hunt planning to a whole new level by delivering the most-recent imagery available: Monthly satellite image updates! Most satellite images used by hunters are several years old, making them much less useful. With this addition, HuntStand becomes not just the first hunting app, but the first consumer app in the world to offer imagery this recent. HuntStand is able to provide this imagery by leveraging micro-satellite technology in a first-of-its-kind adaptation.
GPO USA- sponsored archery competitor, Sharon Wallace captured the winning title at the final leg of the International Bowhunting Organization’s (IBO) of the Triple Crown held this past weekend in Nelsonville, Ohio. Wallace put on quite a show the entire weekend, showcasing her skills and truly defining accuracy in her performance.
Team Easton’s Braden Gellenthien had a great week for himself at the NFAA National Roundup in Yankton, South Dakota. A week-long tournament, the NFAA National Roundup plays host to three national events that are contested by the top professional archers in the US and from abroad.

In a time where supply chain constraints continue to burden the hunting industry, Elite Archery has managed to thrive and keep up with unprecedented demand to deliver the World’s Most Shootable bow – often in just a few weeks to retail partners. Long backlogs and lead-times are discouraging and can result in the loss of a sale. “If our retail partners aren’t successful, then our company isn’t going to be. And clearly you can’t sell what you don’t have,” Paul Guillot, VP of Sales states. Thankfully, we’ve been able to ramp up production and drive down lead-times so that our retail partners aren’t put in that position and collectively we can serve our customers hitting the woods later this fall.”

In taking the 2021 title in the NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships, Bowtech professional archer Paige Pearce set three national records: Field Round Score, Animal Round Score and Aggregate Score for the entire tournament.

By the time Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez turned 7 years old, she’d been telling her parents that she wanted to be an Olympian for months. They finally asked her what that meant to her, and when she explained she wanted to be the best in the world at a sport, they took her seriously. Now, at 18 years old, that dream is becoming a reality as Jennifer will represent Team USA in archery at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
A pair of grants from Wildlife Habitat Canada (WHC) will boost Delta Waterfowl’s duck production and HunteR3 recruitment and advocacy programs throughout Canada.
The National Deer Association (NDA) joined more than 30 conservation groups and outdoor brands in publishing a report to show the importance of hunting and fishing to the founding and development of the National Wildlife Refuge System, highlight the continued relevance of our community’s activities as a means of generating funding and support for refuges, and define the principles that should guide the system’s future from the perspective of hunters and anglers.
The Boone and Crockett Club today thanked Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) for including a strong forest restoration title in the proposed infrastructure bill pending in the Senate. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, chaired by Senator Manchin with Senator Barrasso as the ranking member, marked up the legislation and passed it out of committee today. Following is a statement by the Club’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Schoonen:

Pope and Young, America’s leading bowhunting organization, is pleased to unveil a focused mission and rebrand following the 32nd Biennial Convention that celebrated 60 years of bowhunting conservation for the club.
Growing up in Wyoming, Recreational Archery Development LLC (RAD LLC) founder David Merrill had a deep love and appreciation of all things outdoors instilled in him by his father, who had the same love instilled in him by his own father. “A Day in the Brooks,” a Bow Spider film, is a 44-minute film that chronicles the pair’s 2021 Alaskan Dall sheep hunting adventure. And what an adventure it is.
Quail Forever’s 2021 Precision Farmer of the Year Award, sponsored by John Deere, is being presented to the Davis Family Farm (DFF) in Colquitt County, Georgia. The annual award recognizes the innovative use of precision ag technology and utilization of data to identify profitable solutions for agriculture and wildlife on working lands throughout America.
Shoot Like A Girl is traveling to Utah this month to bring its state-of-the-art mobile range to new and novice female shooters during two exciting events. The first stop will be at Cabela’s in Farmington, Utah for a two-day shooting sports experience, July 17-18. The Shoot Like A Girl semi-tractor trailer will then travel to Park City to attend the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) Mountain Festival, July 22-25. Karen Butler, President and Founder of Shoot Like A Girl, will also be presenting during the RMEF Mountain Festival Live Stage on Thursday, July 22.
In Season Trading Post, founded by Christie Waddell, wife of Bone Collector Founder Michael Waddell, is outfitting babies in stylish Realtree Original apparel with the BC Raskulls line.
When 5MM AXIS came on the scene it revolutionized hunting arrows. The small shaft innovation offered better accuracy and mitigated friction to retain velocity and add penetration. Now the concept has gone forward to the next level with the introduction of the new 4MM AXIS Long Range.
Whitetails Unlimited recently provided a $1,000 grant to the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program in support of their Championship Tournament.
The National Deer Association (NDA) is pleased to announce John Annoni and Natalie Krebs have been appointed to the NDA Board of Directors. Both new members bring a variety of skills and experience to the table and will play integral parts working with the Board to achieve NDA’s mission.
Outdoor Sportsman Group announces the promotion of Mike Savino to Vice President, Ad Sales overseeing all endemic multi-media sales for the company. Previously, Savino had served as the Director, Ad Sales. The announcement was made today by Outdoor Sportsman Group Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales Jason Brist.
ThermaSeat is excited to announce the renewal of their partnership with RubLine Marketing. The outdoor marketing agency out of Traer, IA will continue to manage branding and marketing efforts for ThermaSeat’s popular seat cushions and growing lineup of other outdoor products.
Swanson Russell has been selected as creative agency for Fix It Sticks, makers of highly modular and compact multi-tool systems for hunters, shooters and cyclists. Based in Chicago, Ill., Fix It Sticks’ specialty tools and torque limiters have become popular among shooters for precision adjustments to firearms and optics.
Providence Marketing Group is pleased to announce that they have recently initiated marketing efforts for Active Outdoors LLC. PMG will be responsible for handling all aspects of marketing including media planning, social media, creative design and public relations for the up and coming brand.
Providence Marketing Group is pleased to announce that America’s leading bowhunting organization, the Pope and Young Club has named PMG as their marketing agency of record. Jeff Bergmann and his team at Providence will be responsible for several facets of marketing, but their primary focus will be the on the rebrand of P&Y, and the expansion of their vision and mission in the archery world.
The Mule Deer Foundation (MDF), a 501(c)3 non-profit wildlife conservation organization, is actively seeking applications for its Marketing & Membership Specialist position. Individuals with strong background in marketing, organizational and interpersonal skills, as well as a passion for hunting and the outdoors, are encouraged to apply.
Maintain customer service levels and minimize inventory dollar investment by managing appropriate inventory levels across multiple warehouse locations. Prepare purchase orders and warehouse transfers, adding new items to inventory, maintaining information systems, and historical references. Conduct a consistent inventory analysis and vendor review.
Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management consultancy, is proud to announce and welcome Katie Vautier to the eCommerce team as their newest account coordinator.
The new Browning Realtree EXCAPE Camo Eclipse Hunting Blind is designed to meet the specific needs of ground hunters across a broad range of environments and hunting styles.
Transform any five-gallon bucket into a comfortable dual-purpose dream seat for your outdoor activities. ThermaSeat has produced a seat that adapts to any standard five or six-gallon bucket, giving you the comfort and added versatility you need, whether you’re in the woods, on the job site, or on the ice.
GameMaker has launched their NEW Patent-Pending Jerky Shooter with their Snap-LoK Design for “Ez-Loading and Cleaning”! The EZ Jerky Shooter is the best Jerky Shooter on the market! Make delicious jerky and snack sticks from lean, ground meat such as beef, buffalo, elk, deer, chicken, or turkey!
With the most extreme stopping power ever offered, Hurricane Bag targets’ Cat 5 uses Tri-Core Technology to withstand impacts of up to 650 feet per second, provide longer target life and virtually eliminate pass-throughs.
Stop fighting your ladder! The Standz Up Ladder Aid System by Primal Treestands is the ultimate ladder stand installation device. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a ladder stand so you can be in your stand in no time. With the Standz Up Ladder System there will be no more back-breaking days of setting up and taking down ladder stands.
Dedication to on-the-ground, Turnin-The-Dirt™ habitat work is one of the most important conservation choices landowners can make today. Assisting these landowners in engaging in wildlife habitat improvement and management and assessing stream quality concerns, ensures a bright future for wildlife.
Victory Archery and Drury Outdoors have developed a real partnership of trust. The carbon engineering experts at Victory who push arrow technology to new heights know the arrows must out preform the demands that are expected by the best whitetail hunters in the woods. The Drury Outdoors team is crucial in giving feedback and real-world results.
Scent Crusher is proud to renew their partnership with the team at Dirt Nap TV for the 2021 hunting season. The leader in odor crushing ozone activated technology, Scent Crusher is continuing to push the envelope of innovation in 2021, and they’re also partnering with the best teams and organizations in the business.
“We are very excited to continue our relationship with Mammoth Coolers,” said WTU President Jeff Schinkten. “Coolers are a necessity for any kind of outdoor recreation, including hunting. Regardless of what you are doing outdoors, Mammoth has an answer to your problem. We are proud to have them, and their maximum performance products, as a member of the Whitetails Unlimited sponsor family.”
Hunter Safety System is continuing as a Whitetails Unlimited national sponsor, supporting WTU’s mission of education and hunting safety. Jeff Schinkten, Whitetails Unlimited president said
In a time where supply chain constraints continue to burden the hunting industry, Elite Archery has managed to thrive and keep up with unprecedented demand to deliver the World’s Most Shootable bow – often in just a few weeks to retail partners.

Matthew Kelly is a renowned New York Times bestselling author and speaker I follow in the religious space. I’ve probably read a dozen of his books, which he’s written numerous titles, so I have barely scratched the surface.

My messy cat in my messy dining room with the “Life is Messy” book by Matthew Kelly

Over the weekend, I received an advance copy of his newest book, “Life is Messy.” My first thought was, “I don’t need this book.” But in his accompanying letter, Matthew asks us to read the first 40 pages, at least, before deciding.

And yep, it’s for me. And it’s for you, too, because if you are breathing right now, your life is a little messy. (You can pre-order via Amazon here, or directly with Matthew here.)

I actually didn’t mean for this to be a book review or anything. I’m only talking about it because Matthew says something, on page 11, that hit my very inner-most thoughts and soul – and I’ve never shared it before, but I will now, via his words.

“Writing makes me feel inadequate. It’s one of those things that you never quite get right. I know I can never get down on paper what I see with the eyes of my soul. And still, I try. It is a most glorious frustration. Most days I feel like a dedicated but clumsy translator, trying desperately to translate what I experience, feel, hope, and observe. There are times when I feel like I am so close, only to wake up the next morning, read yesterday’s pages, and discover I am still so far away.” – from the book “Life is Messy” by Matthew Kelly.

Oh, my goodness – so much to unpack there. But the part where he says he wakes up the next morning to read his pages hit home for me. That’s what I do when I look at Archery Wire on Wednesday morning and re-read the entire thing. Sometimes I feel “clumsy,” like what Matthew said – that the story I was attempting to convey fell very short. Or I’m frustrated with how I tried to translate my experiences to you, my dear readers.

I’ve always said to those who ask about Archery Wire that I don’t do gear reviews or the like – there are other publications and writers who do that and do it better than I ever could. Plus, I want everyone to like me, so I could never write a bad review. #TrueStory. I like talking about the people in the Archery business, which lead me to start the series, “5 Minutes with…” That was a spin off a popular column you’ll see in many major B2B publications. But those never felt “right” either.

It wasn’t until I started talking about what I live day-to-day – social media – that I found people responding to me. My wish is that whatever I share in these editorials you are able to translate to your personal social pages, or better yet, your business social pages. And while I may not share in here what is the best bow of 2021, I will share how you can best market that bow utilizing social media.

Life is messy. The Archery Wire can be messy, too. My ego isn’t so big to think this is landing in your inbox as a “must-read,” but I sincerely hope that when you do read it, the corners of your mouth lift up ever so slightly because you found the words here stimulating, challenging and encouraging.

-- Michelle Scheuermann, editor, Archery Wire

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