Leading outdoor product manufacturer Summit Outdoors announced the acquisition of Ghost Blind Industries, Inc. The addition complements existing products owned by the outdoor group by adding innovative mirrored blind technology to the already robust lineup of hunting blinds and components.
Pheasants Forever and its dedicated partners have permanently protected 242 acres of wildlife habitat in Minnesota’s east-central region. Spearheaded by the St. Louis/Carlton County Chapter of Pheasants Forever with matching investments from the state’s Conservation Partners Legacy Program and Outdoor Heritage Fund, the White Acquisition features diverse wildlife habitat and an important off-road corridor for the North Country Trail on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.
Shoot Like A Girl has added one last stop in 2020, wrapping up the year’s Coast to Coast Tour. The Shoot Like A Girl mobile range will be attending a free, public event on Friday, December 4 and Saturday, December 5, hosted by corporate sponsor and optics company Bushnell.
Chad Simpson has been named as an S3DA Arkansas Regional Coordinator. As a Regional Coordinator, Chad will oversee the development and operation of S3DA within the Central Arkansas region, including educating and recruiting parties interested in forming new S3DA teams, working with the State Coordinator, and when possible, attending and assisting with National S3DA events.

Higher standards and lower prices. That’s the name of the game for Black Gate Hunting Products. When that mantra is applied to the trail camera industry it results in the ultimate lineup of trail cameras money can buy. That’s exactly what hunters get when they use the new R2K from Black Gate, an innovative new trail camera that is packed full of impressive features and won’t break the bank.
Rackulator is the only electronic big game scoring device that makes scoring your trophy simple, fast, and accurate. Through step-by-step instructions, the Rackulator uses state of the art technology with its integrated rolling wheel and embedded measuring tape that makes scoring super simple. It keeps track of all your measurements and does all the complicated math for you.
The Ice Hole Insulator from ThermaSeat sits directly on the surface of your ice fishing hole and contains a slot to insert your tip-up, leaving your fishing uninterrupted.
Easton introduces a new addition to the FMJ flagship line. The 4MM Full Metal Jacket has been updated with a new spine configuration, an all-new 8-32 point outsert system and redesigned graphics.


YETI Coolers recently signed on as a corporate partner in support of California Waterfowl’s hunting and conservation mission.
The secret is out – Outdoor Edge has announced its Secret Santa Sale. This spectacular sale offers 30 percent off the entire store plus free shipping. You just have to enter code SECRETSANTA2020 at checkout.
Lancaster Archery Supply has become one of the leading resources for information on new bows online – especially on YouTube. The company’s YouTube video featuring the Prime Nexus racked up more than 10,000 views in less than 24 hours – more than any other video published on the bow, including the Nexus video created by G5 Prime Archery.
The busy holiday selling season is now underway and Delta McKenzie’s Iowa factory is in full production keeping up with demand.
Ohio’s 2020 white-tailed deer archery hunting season has proven to be bountiful for many Buckeye State hunters, with 74,892 deer taken through Tuesday, November 25, an 11% increase from the average harvest total from the same date during the past three seasons.
Bowtech Pro Shooter Paige Pearce will once again be representing the United States on the 2021 USA Archery Team.

ATA 2021 Online is now more fully flushed out and with the holidays are upon us, you may have some downtime to peruse all they have to offer. ATA 2021 Online will take place virtually Jan. 11-15, 2021. (Note that it is a week later than what the in-person show would have been.) ATA members do not need to register to attend ATA 2021 online virtually. Plus, all exhibitors who planned to attend the in-person event will have the opportunity to opt into ATA 2021 Online with a basic online exhibitor profile at no cost. Everything related to the virtual Trade Show can be accessed through your MyATA member dashboard closer to Jan. 11. ATA recommends ensuring you are up-to-date on your membership and to log in and renew now to ensure you can access ATA 2021 Online.

However, there are both paid and free educational courses ATA would like you to register for, such as the Masterclass. Let’s connect with Kurt Smith, the one heading up the educational opportunities for the Archery Trade Association, to learn a bit more about the offerings and why you need to virtually attend.

Michelle Scheuermann, editor, Archery Wire.

Q1: Kurt, I am most interested in this Masterclass you are offering for $79 for members over the course of TWO days – that’s a lot of material! Can you share a bit more about the four tracks offered, and who should attend these sessions?

Kurt: It is a ton of material! We wanted to create a resource for anyone involved in the business of archery and bowhunting. The four tracks are Business, Archery Tech, Coaching, and Marketing. To compile all of this, we brought in experts and industry veterans to share their knowledge. While much of the content is geared toward our retail members, it’s really applicable to any business type. Our Business track offers actionable steps for establishing your core business culture, giving excellent customer service, improving profitability, and a bunch more. The Archery Tech track covers foundational concepts of setting up and working on compounds, Olympic recurves/barebow, and crossbows. Our Coaching track will focus on helping archers overcome target panic and gain control of their shot. The Marketing track will discuss using social media effectively while also creating a solid marketing strategy for any business type.

Q2: How are folks able to get their questions in to the Masterclass trainers? Will the sessions be available to watch later if they can’t make it on January 11 or 12?

A2: Each of the tracks will have foundational content that is pre-recorded and available to those who purchase the course. If they have questions, there is a discussion feature in each presentation where questions can be entered. Attendees can also participate in the live presentations in January and type in questions for the Masterclass presenters to answer via webinar. If you watch the pre-recorded content and come to the live sessions with questions, you can really make the most out of this course. But if you can’t make those sessions, we will have recordings available. This is also a great option if you attend a session but want to share it with one of your staff members at a later time.

Q3: I understand you are also offering free classes during ATA 2021 Online. Can you expand more on that, such as topics?

A3: Yes! Our members have always been great at sharing their knowledge and expertise with their peers, and we’re happy to be able to facilitate that in a virtual format this year. Some of these presentations will be pre-recorded and available on our MyATA Learning Center prior to and during the show dates. Some of these include, effectively using a point-of-sale system in your business, engaging women hunters, and how excise tax dollars are being put to work to preserve game populations. There will also be free live sessions January 13-15th. Members will be able to watch presentations and ask questions in a webinar format. Some topics being covered in live sessions include, helping your customers build arrows for increased accuracy and success, how manufacturers can avoid legal issues with product liability, and growing your Instagram presence. Complete lists of educational sessions can be found on our website, and you can go ahead and register now for live sessions through the MyATA Learning Center.

Q4: Many of us have been taking virtual classes/seminars for the past eight months and we may be a little “zoomed out,” as they say. How do you hope to keep these online classes fresh and interesting for ATA Members? And let’s flip that, any tips for members who are taking virtual classes maybe for the first time?

A4: I’m among those who are “zoomed out”! We are doing a few things to try to alleviate that issue:

  • We are creating pre-recorded content. Not only does this make educational sessions available sooner, but it also gives members the “final product” without any of the technical difficulties or delays that are always a possibility with live sessions.
  • We are limiting our live sessions to about four per day. We know our members are busy working in their businesses, so we don’t expect them to sit at a computer for five days straight.
  • We are using additional software to add visual appeal to our presentations. You won’t be listening to someone talk and staring at the same slide for 20 minutes…this might be a small detail, but it can have a big impact on how enjoyable the presentation is for the audience.

Above all, we want to make this virtual event EASY for our members. While all of this is exclusively available to ATA members, you won’t need to create a new login or visit a whole new web portal. Members can log in once using their standard ATA credentials and gain access to everything. Even registering for live educational sessions can be done in just one click! For anyone who is new to virtual classes or webinars, I’d recommend looking at our MyATA Learning Center prior to the show dates. When you register for a live event, you’ll get an email with detailed instructions and how to access it. You can even do a “test run” to make sure you have the necessary applications installed on your computer or mobile device. When it’s time for the event, just go back to that email or visit the event on the MyATA Learning Center and click “join”. If you have any difficulties, our trade show and membership teams are ready to help you out!

Event Calendar

POMA Insights - Influencer Panel Discussion

Free for POMA members, $49 for non-members. Learn more and sign up https://professionaloutdoormedia.org/poma-insight-sessions/ 

ATA 2021 Online

Wild Sheep Foundation Sheep Week® The Experience virtual convention

Learn more www.wildsheepfoundation.org

Lancaster Classic Archery Tournament

Held at Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Manheim, Pa. Qualification rounds will be Jan. 21 and 22, with elimination and finals matches Jan. 23 and 24.

Houston Safari Club Convention

Hall A3, at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

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