The Archery Trade Association is partnering with Scholastic 3-D Archery to grow bowhunter numbers across the country and increase grassroots-level participation in target archery. 


Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel, part of Outdoor Sportsman Group – Networks, presented their annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards for the outdoor lifestyle industry’s best producers, talent and production for the 18th consecutive year via Facebook Live event on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.  Twenty-nine Outdoor Sportsman Awards were presented in Best of and Fan Favorite categories.


The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation accepted a $50,000 donation from Kimber in response to strong sales of the Kimber Camp Guard 10. Made of stainless steel and featuring a rosewood grip with a RMEF logo, Kimber set aside a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each handgun to benefit RMEF.


Public lands sportsmen and women across the continent could experience a ripple effect of negative impacts as an Interior Department decision allowing development of wilderness lands in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge advances. A road through key migratory waterfowl habitat would be developed under precedent-setting deal in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

 Hunting for Sustainability, launched in 2016 by Backcountry Hunters & Anglers as a way to spur new, conservation-minded hunters and anglers while also engaging with college students who already hunt and fish, is expanding. 


 Nikon has been awarded “2018 Readers’ Choice Gold” For Best Rangefinder by Bowhunting World Magazine. 

Whitetails Unlimited and Realtree announce a long-term agreement to work together as “Partners in Conservation” to help ensure our whitetail hunting heritage, habitat, and natural resources.


Stealth Cam expands its wireless image transmission coverage with the introduction new WX Series Cellular cameras with options for both AT&T or Verizon Networks.

 Siberian Coolers, a company dedicated to meeting the needs of outdoorsmen who push themselves and their gear beyond the normal limits, is pleased to announce its popular Certified Bear Resistant ALPHA Pro Series Coolers will come fully accessorized in 2018.


MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company, devoted to making mission-specific products is here to introduce two new packs that have been appropriately named the POP-UP 18 and POP-UP 28.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ New 2018 Shadow NXT is the company’s “next generation” in their long-line of benchmark setting crossbows. Built unlike any crossbow in its price-range, the Shadow NXT combines TenPoint’s Narrow Crossbow Technology™ (NXT) bow assembly measuring 6.5-inches wide with a lightweight, carbon-injected barrel to produce pin-point, down-range accuracy.

Quest Bowhunting®, by G5® Outdoors—the leading manufacturer of premium archery equipment, is proud to introduce the Quest Thrive for the archer who wants a consistent, precision bow at an affordable price. 


TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ New 2018 Nitro X is the fastest and smallest crossbow ever produced.  Measuring an ultra-narrow 7-inches wide, the Nitro X unleashes supercharged speeds up to 440 feet-per-second, generating jaw-dropping 166 foot-pounds of kinetic energy and unmatched down-range accuracy. (MORE)

The 2018 Excalibur Assassin crossbow in the new Realtree Edge camo pattern delivers all the advantages of Excalibur recurve limb technology — superior accuracy, no timing or tuning issues and bombproof durability — with a now virtually effortless draw cycle, thanks to Excalibur's patented Charger Crank System. 

Easton's AXIS arrow is now offered with match-grade ±.001 factory specifications for 2018, offering superior accuracy and the highest level of precision available from a 5MM carbon arrow.


Leupold & Stevens, Inc., has announced that it will be an official sponsor of hunter and conservationist Eva Shockey, effective immediately. Shockey, already a lifetime user of Leupold® products, will officially serve as a spokesperson and ambassador for America’s most dominant optics brand.


Leupold & Stevens, Inc., has announced that it will be the national optics sponsor of Total Archery Challenge. Total Archery Challenge is a competitive event that combines the most exciting aspects of archery into an epic three-day experience. 


Leupold & Stevens, Inc., has announced that it will be the national optics sponsor of Total Archery Challenge,  a competitive event that combines the most exciting aspects of archery into an epic three-day experience held across the country. 



The Maryland Hunting Coalition and the Maryland Sportsmen’s Caucus have identified “opportunities and challenges” state hunters face in the 2018 General Assembly.



Nikon introduces  its new MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED. A small, lightweight unit featuring Nikon’s optical image stabilization technology,  red OLED display and 3,000 yard fast-ranging capability.


The 5th Annual Schweighart Shootout, hosted by Jefferson Middle School’s Archery program, will be held Friday and Saturday, January 26-27, at Jefferson Middle School and the Champaign Park District Leonhard Center. With over 750 archers registered expecting 850, this archery tournament is the largest in the State besides the State tournament.

Fresh Eyes at 2018 ATA Show 

By Michelle Scheuermann

I’ve attended the ATA Trade Show on and off since 2004 – but this time was different. Oh, I had folks reach out to me I haven’t spoken to in a few years…and the occasional, “you’re the editor of Archery Wire?” comment with wide, questioning eyes…but I expected those actions. No, this time was different because I was looking at the Archery Trade Association’s annual show with a fresh outlook – I actually walked through the featured products section, I asked people what they truly thought about the industry and when I was asked about the industry, I told the truth (something you’ll notice about me; I’m straightforward): I’m pretty darn stoked about our future. 

And guess what? I’m not alone. I wasn’t the only one seeing the show with new eyes, nor was I the only one optimistic about the archery/bowhunting/outdoor industries paths. So was the new CEO of ATA, Matt Kormann.

With the evolution of electric vehicles, it’s no surprise that hunters and anglers are now being offered new ways to get into the woods like the QuietKat. It was one of the products that points out the “innovation DNA” that’s built into archery, despite it being one of our oldest hunting methods. Photo courtesy of Hickory Group, with permission.


First, I have to set this up. As you all know, I become the editor just recently – as in a week ago. I already had my ticket booked to ATA and it was a quick in/out as I was simply giving a seminar with my friend, Melissa Bachman, on Saturday morning. Now being the editor, I needed all three days! But above that, I wanted to talk with Matt. I followed the search for a new CEO like all of you – I wondered who could possibly fill Jay’s shoes…and I needed to talk with this new guy to hear for myself: how is this going to play out? 

After a speedy outreach with the Comms team, I was soon sitting across from Matt. Out of the gate, I sort of asked him three questions in one – which he was savvy enough doing media interviews he paused, sorted them out, and answered them better for me. 

“I’ve never walked through the Featured Products section and lo and behold, I obviously was missing out as here’s a full body, self-floating raccoon mount used to sell broadheads by DirtNap Gear. I give them the most “Creative Use of a Full Body Mount” Award.” Michelle Scheuermann photo.


We spoke of his ‘fresh eyes’ on the ground on the show floor and how he saw a “ton of innovation” within those walls of the convention center. “We don’t give credit to the revolutions that occur over time,” he shared. “When you live and breathe the industry, you miss those evolutions that have an impact.” Yes, the old ‘in the weeds’ scenario…or when you become so familiar to something, you stop seeing it. 

Matt continued, “We as staff owe our members to find ways to see things with a new set of eyes. We collaboratively work with staff and members for strategic direction, not only for the membership, but for the industry as a whole.” 

And what about the economy and how that has impacted manufacturers/retailers these past three years? Matt isn’t concerned. “Retailers have a unique opportunity right now to leverage services ATA offers, such as ATA ePro, and our new website development partnership with Footsteps Marketing. Our passion to serve hasn’t changed.” (Visit this link to learn more about ATA ePro, only for ATA members.) 

Ok, the last question I wanted to know was how he was handling the Negative Nancy’s – those who question his lack of bowhunting industry knowledge. (Recall that is his daughter is a compound bow archer who competes internationally and Matt is a certified archery instructor.) What is his response? “Our biggest revenue stream is the trade show, and I’ve been in that industry for the past 18 years,” explained Matt. “I’ve been on the show floor as much as I can talking and I can honestly say I’ve had the best ‘first day’ ever.” 

“Scent-Lok somehow broke through prohibition to host a jam session with Nate Hosie complete with free beer – and a room full of Scent-Lok clothing. And that flickering fire-thing, which I want for my office” Michelle Scheuermann photo.


Side note – It was a good show for ATA, or at least I’m calling it that, with 9,267 attendees from 26 countries. And Certifications sold out, according to this blog from ATA staff. 

Oh, and we talked about Matt’s foray into the woods this past fall in Minnesota as a first-time bowhunter – and how he might have to have that tough conversation with wife about more excursions to the outdoors in 2018. I am familiar with that conversation Matt, so if you need pointers, just let me know. 

Special thanks to Teresa Johnson and Katelyn Rutland for arranging my meeting with Matt Kormann quickly. Yes, that’s right, I just wrote a thank you note to two PR folks. 

P.S.S. Also, be sure to erase your previous Archery Wire email from your system and instead send it to Releases@TheOutdoorWire.Com It comes right to my inbox. 


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2018 Vegas Shoot
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2018 Vegas Shoot
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